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Angola is a giant jigsaw puzzle of different climates, landscapes, cultures and colors. From mountains to vast open plains, wide white beaches to thick tropical rainforest, Angola has it all, as if each of its eighteen provinces were a different country. Lubango has a mild temperature climate, Luanda is hot and dry, while Cabinda is steamy and tropical. Much of the landscape is dramatic, with plunging waterfalls, bizarre rock formations and deep gorges. Leba Mountain in Huila province rises out of Tundavala gorge to give stunning views of the vast Namibe desert. Roaring rivers snake across the country, cascading down rock faces at places like the Calendula waterfalls in the province of Malange.ÓWe have incredible rivers, waterfalls and game parks. Angola could become an ideal tourist destination, especially for those interested in eco-tourism, Ó says Tourism Minister, Jorge Valentim.

In recent years, an increasing number of foreigners have been visiting Angola. According to government figures, the revenue generated by foreign visits to Angola in 2001 reached US$25 million.

Animals - In the past there were more but there are still many, from the elephant to the rare giant Palanca.

Angolan Style - There are several ethnies in Angola with something in common, the "Angolan style". It's something contagious that identifies the Angolan and distinguishes him from the other Africans.

Beaches - Some have Coconut palms, others are near the cities, others are permanently desert but in all of them the sand is white and the water is warm.Tropical Climate Beach during all the year. Colder alternatives in the interior (altitude )

Paintings and Craft Work - Souvenirs of ivory, wood, ceramics and metal of great beauty and originality.

Dance/Music - Sensual movements, hot rhythms, stronng emotions along with what there is of best in the African Continent

Fish and Shellfish - They exist in the sea and in land. Ideal for people whose hobbies include fishing.

Hunting and Fishing - Some reserves to reorganise and many others to create. The hunting habit is very strong among some ethnic groups and some urban elites. Long coast with the best conditions for fishing.

Hospitality - Not even 20 years of war managed to contradict this characteristic of all populations.

Rivers and Waterfalls - Angola has large rivers and beautiful waterfalls.

Sunset - It is undoubtedly the best show Nature offer to us. Angola has beautiful places ideal to enjoy the photographic sunsets all year round.

Variety of Experiences - The evolution of Angola is very specific that originates situations, behaviours and an atmosphere rather unusual.

Sports - Great potential for hunting and fishing; scuba diving; water sports in general; horse-riding; target practice and sky-diving, golf courses for the keen golfer.

Food - Good fish, good meat, good shellfish, strong spices, many culinary specialities result in one of the best cuisine of Africa.

By Night - Great tradition in night life. With everything coming to normal, there are already in Luanda fun places of good quality and strong identity.