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Last years tourist statistics

The movement of foreign tourists to the borders of the country during the first semester of the year 2000, reached a total of 24.286 tourists, which comparing to the total of the first semester of 1999 (24.057 tourists), reveals an increase 1% (299 entries).

Traditionally, Europe is the main sender of tourists and it was not different this time. 15000 visitors, 62% of the total entries, were Europeans. Portugal, France, Britain, Russia, and Spain, are the countries where most tourists come from

From the American continent we received 3869 visitors, which represents 16% of the total entries (653 entries more than 1999). Brazil, the United States of America and Canada are the main countries where most tourists come from.

Africa was the third region with 3600 visitors, representing 15% of the total entries. South Africa, Congo-Brazzaville, Mozambique, S Tomé and Principe, Nigeria, and the Democratic of Congo are the main countries where tourists come from.

The main reasons of travels were work (66%), family visits (16%), businessman (9%), holidays (9%), transit and health.

The occupation of the hotels of the country registered a total of 7600 tourists (guests), 31% of the total of arrivals to Angola. An estimate revealed that during the 1st semester there were 23000 night lodgings.

Other tourists prefer renting private residences or company transit residences which does not allow a more accurate statistics.

The global income collected by the hotels were 94.9 million Kwanzas.